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    What is the Aunite Group?
    Aunite Group is an automated platform that brings together the best opportunities of payment systems, cashback services and referral programs. The project has been successfully operating since 2014. Below you’ll find the achievements of the Aunite Group corporation reached within the last three years:
    AutoToken & AutoUnit
    85 982 639 AutoTokens and 3 000 000 000 AutoUnits in total
    being emitted in the process of sales.
    Cost: 1 Token = 10 AutoUnit = $1.
    1 AutoUnit = $0.1​
    How will I benefit from Aunite Group ICO as an investor?
    By the mid April 2018, Aunite Group ICO had collected almost $3 mln. Unlike many other ICOs being solely driven by the team and idea, Aunite Group is a fully operating legal business with the yearly volume in the amount of $8.3 mln.
    In the process of ICO, investors can benefit from the discounts on AutoUnit coupons based on the investor’s status in the Aunite Group platform:
    Bounty campaign
    Aunite Group has a multilevel referral network. There are two approaches when it comes to the distribution of tokens in bounty campaigns.
    • regular bounty - you’ll get a certain share of tokens on condition you take certain actions.
    • referral bounty works for partners including VIP partners (please refer to our glossary of the terms) of Aunite Group corporation. It’s very easy to become a partner: just sign up on the company’s website and pay a contribution to obtain this status.
    For the regular bounty campaign, 3% of tokens from the general amount of tokens shall be emitted and distributed among participants of the campaign based on the rules (will be published later).
    The referral bounty campaign shall receive 12% of of tokens from the general amount of tokens. This share will be distributed among participants of the campaign who have the status of partner and VIP partner of Aunite Group platform. Such big share of tokens is supposed to cover the whole referral network engaging over 70 000 individuals at the moment. The White Paper will detalize on the terms of the referral bounty campaign.